Attention: Those Wanting To Reduce Stress And/Or Expand Their Creativity

Imagine if you could
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  • Reduce Stress
  • Expand your creativity
  • Have increased self-confidence
  • Slow down and be more aware
  • Achieve focus & produce results easily
  • Create new conversations in your life
  • Quickly shift "I can't" to "I can"

AND at the same time, learn how to take and present photos you love to:

  • Display in your home
  • Use in your blogs

Create products and much more . . .

You Can!
through participating in the Through and From The Lens telecourse

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Marifran Korb, Former Participant, Talks About:

Marifran Korb

Beauty in Her World - found from participating in Through and From The Lens

I now see things on a deeper level because I have a more profound view of life and what’s beautiful in it... I am photographing lots and lots of things that I never would have photographed before. But even if I don’t have the camera with me, I’m seeing these thing.

The shadows on the snow, the design, where it’s swirling, the effect of the lights and the shadows.  It makes my life richer to notice that. And the more I notice the better I like it.

My orientation was just to take pictures of groups of people or maybe someone I hadn't seen for a while. But I never took pictures because something was beautiful. That was really missing in my life.... I appreciate how you see and you help me see.


Taking Charge

I use the camera for being more at peace with myself and my world. When I use the camera I feel like I’m in charge and sometimes in life you’re not. With the camera you’re choosing what you’re looking for or you are in charge of what you see, for the most part, and how you see it.  You then take the picture that goes with what occurs in the theme. . .

In life, emotionally, it helps me realize that a lot of time what might be bothering me is in the way I'm looking at it. But there are other ways of looking at it. It's like taking a picture of something that looks different from different angles.


photo of Sheila Finkelstein"Using Photography to De-Stress and Change Perspective"

Sheila Finkelstein, Course Facilitator, Interviewed by Connie Ragen Green on Blog Talk Radio -

Shifting "I Can't" to "I Can" in the Through and From The Lens telecourse.

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