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Are Sharing Photos And Creating Connections
Important To You?

Are You Using An Easy Photo Sharing Program?

Are You Comfortable and Happy With It?

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Navigate Through Flickr* Easily?
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Tuesday Night - August 28th
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*FlickR, considered the best online photo management and sharing application in the world, is a fr*ee service allowing people to make their photos available to the people who matter to them.

Their mission is also to "enable new ways of organizing photos and video."

Everything you might want to know about Using Flickr, AND much more, IS on their website. The challenge often is not knowing, or readily finding, what you need to know about:

  • creating an account
  • simply uploading and sharing your photos, making them public and/or keeping them private.
  • easily editing with a free allied program integrated with FlickR
  • organizing your photos
  • using other photographers photos – when is it possible
  • finding common-interest communities
  • integrating with other social media programs

  • everything else that is available on FlickR

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Simply Click on the Session of Your Choice


Tuesday Night - August 28th
8:00 PM Eastern Time

Wednesday Day - August 29th
10:00 AM Eastern Time

This Is Your Opportunity To Have
This Interactive Call at No Charge

Are you using an easy photo sharing program?

Are you comfortable and happy with it?

Are you in an online business, maximizing the use of your photos for search engine optimization?


Are you simply interested in have an easy way of directing family and friends to see your photos?

If you are frustrated and/or simply want to learn more register now for this special training course!

It is an experiential teleclass. Participants will be working on their computers, surfing the FlickR site, while they are on the phone.

This step-by-step guide to using the diverse components of the FlickR site makes it EASY to show your work and also connect with like-minded people interested in sharing their photos.

Facilitator: Sheila Finkelstein, Artist/Photographer/Coach

Sheila Finkelstein photo
More than 25 years ago, when I returned to college after 10 years as a wife and mother, I was "advised" by my first art professor to "drop out of school and join a local guild to satisfy my housewifely ambitions!"

Ignoring that advice, my resolve was strengthened further to continue on that path of teaching people to believe in themselves, eliminating "I can't!" Art, and now photography, provide the means.

As an artist, photographer, coach and former art teacher, I love sharing my transformational experiences and resources with others who are looking to learn new perspectives and new ways of doing things, particularly in relationship with themselves and with their loved ones.

Guest: Dan R. Morris, Informercial Producer, Niche Website Owner, Author, Product Developer

photo of Dan MorrisAs an added bonus, I’ve invited Dan R. Morris,, to join us and share some of his expertise, particularly in how he uses his photos in FlickR groups to impact his business.  For those using camera phones, Dan will also touch on the use of Instagram.

A revelation Dan had when he observed his selection of art he had pinned over time in Pinterest is also relevant to the SEEing process that is the core of the Through and From The Lens program.  Dan, is an infomercial producer, niche website owner, product developer, author and Mastermind leader.  Currently Dan and his kids make science project YouTube videos as part of their homeschooling curriculum.

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