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What If, Simply By Using Your Camera,
You Were Able to
Break Through Limiting Beliefs?

Experience a New Sense of Freedom and Play?

Well You CAN
as Attested to by Former Participants in the
Through and From The Lens Courses

Marifran Korb

Marifran Korb
Relationship Coach, Author,

confident in the art of photography. I went from terrified to terrific.

Not only did I find an alternative to the State of Funk, a whole new world opened for me. The biggest effect is that I see 'ordinary' things in a heightened way.

I now can create in the moment with my camera. It is liberating, exciting, and uplifting. Sheila’s creativity awakened my hidden Artist that I thought was non-existent. It lightens my day to perceive myself and the world from a never-ending fountain of fresh perspectives."

on Finding The Unexpected Beauty in the World

"I use the camera for being more at peace with myself and my world. When I use the camera I feel like I’m in charge and sometimes in life you’re not...

on The Camera as a Tool For Being In Charge Of One's Life "In life, emotionally, it helps me realize that a lot of time what might be bothering me is in the way I’m looking at it."

Morgine Jurdan
Photograph by and picture of Morgine Jurdan,

Having participated in 3 previous TFTL classes, Morgine writes:
I was once again caught up in my life standing still, confused and overwhelmed.

One week into your course I am again seeing dozens of different view points, being more creative and had a huge break through in my personal life! Your tools help me relax, energize me and always transform how I am experience the world! I want to live here all the time! I also love engaging with the other participants and using my camera is so much more Fun now!"


Expanding Your Creativity and Seeing

BlaiseBlaise with feather
"I’ve learned so much about seeing. That’s the reason I took the class to start with.  It was looking at your photos and your vision helped me to become a better photographer.

Now I see differently. I will never see the same way again.  And that’s what I wanted when I started." Blaise Allen,


landscape photo by Karen Wythe in Through and from The Lens photo coursePhotograph by and picture of Karen WytheKaren Wythe photo

At the beginning Karen was hoping to develop a better understanding and use of her camera. That became a "side benefit" for her.

She states now, "Instead I developed new vision and a relationship with my camera. I've suspended judgment. No longer am I afraid of taking pictures hoping that I get good ones. This course has encouraged me to look at various aspects of my picture and enhance it's best qualities.

This course is an experience that opens minds hearts and eyes to the beauty and wonder in everything around them."

I'm Ready For The Course

Paula Battaglio"It is always a blessing to be invited to step outside of limited ways of perceiving and be open to a larger perspective.  It moves us out of stuck places and opens our hearts and minds to the lessons that are waiting for us, so very close, if we will take but a few steps in a different direction. You offer the opportunity for perceptual shifts that help foster growth.” Paula Battaglio

"My perspective has shifted just in the past month because of your class. I am grateful for all the resources you have provided and the new world you have opened for me.

I feel like I am seeing differently already and my camera will stay in my purse instead of in a drawer from now on. Even today I was taking pictures in my office and it was a nice, creative break." AK

Marion Froese"This changed the way I look at the world, as I became so much more aware about details. It intensified my awe for Nature's compositions. If you want to have an experience, that literally changes the way you look at objects, people, and the world in general, take this course".
  Marion Froese, Germany

Jodi Flesberg Lilly photo
“What a great course.  I felt lit up, energized and revitalized.  ‘Inspiration’ is the word that comes to me.  I saw the whole world anew.  I also loved seeing the world through other people’s eyes.

"I’ve been taking pictures since I was 9 years old.  In this course, for the first time, I started noticing how my energy shifted when I had a camera in my hand, how excited I got.  I was able to focus more.  The course assignments gave me a heightened awareness of how to look at things, noticing colors, textures and shapes I had never seen before.” Jodi Flesberg Lilly,

“Your photos inspired me to take photographs focusing on details and avoiding ugly buildings, fences etc. I live in a beautiful medieval city but the district my flat is situated is not so beautiful, so I decided to cut out the beauty out of urban ugliness. Instead of envying you that you live in that beautiful place in Florida  :) I decided to transform the reality I see into something beautiful.”  - Ewa Nartowska, Poland

photo of Jan Phillips"Sheila Finkelstein has been teaching people how to make the most of their point and shoot cameras for several years. One workshop with her will change your whole way of looking at the world and will transform your photographic creativity.

If you're ready to stop taking snapshots and start making photographs, sign up with Sheila. You won't be disappointed."

Jan Phillips, author of "God Is At Eye-Level: Photography as a Healing Art:;


Portrait of Sheila Finkelstein with cameraI'm Sheila Finkelstein, the creator/facilitator of Through and From The Lens.

It has been my privilege to have experienced some of the breakthrough results of this course with the participants above, as well as others.

Are you open to an innovative way for energizing your personal life and/or your business, inspiring your creativity, and freeing you up in any area of your life? If "yes", this course is for you, too! I would be honored to work with you also.

Using your camera is EASY and SIMPLE and works for anyone, even if you are a sole breadwinner, entrepreneur, parent and/or caregiver!

Brief Summary

The telecourse takes place on the phone and using your computer during that time. There is one class in each of four consecutive weeks. Dates are the registration boxes.

Minimal technical "knowledge" or expertise is required. The "connections for what's important" to you occur as you look through your viewfinder and focus on your subject.

In addition to an expanded view of your world as a result of this program, with a few camera pointers, as well as basic design tips, you will be creating memorable photos, many of which you will be proud to share publicly.

You will have the freedom to also take countless pictures and see how they relate to your life and way of being.

Course Details and Registration

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